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Don’t have in-house design expertise or is your current design team stretched thin? I’ll give you and your team the design support you need to get an amazing product out the door, set you up with the vision and outline for new features down the line, lay the foundation for a design system to streamline future work, and even help you source and hire your first in-house designer.

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I'm an independent product designer & strategist living near the mountains in Bend, Oregon.

With over 20 years of experience focusing on mobile, web, analytics, and hardware / software-based products, I've worked as both an independent consultant and in-house for early-stage startups, agencies, and Fortune 100 companies in the US and Japan.

I’m not into design with a capital “D.” No one-size-fits-all frameworks or processes, no secret two-week+ long design exercises, no Mad Men style concept presentations. Let’s work together closely, in real-time, and iterate on the design and user experience for your product, design system, or in building out your in-house design practice.

I partner with my clients remotely and expand my team as needed to bring their projects to life. Get all the benefits of hiring an agency without the hassle or expense.

   — KEVIN

"If I were starting a company and needed a kick-ass designer, Kevin would be the first person I'd call. I was especially impressed with how creative and thorough Kevin is in his design work. If we're building a new feature, he carefully considers every possible design option and lays out the pros and cons before making a recommendation. One of the best designers I've worked with at Google."

- Director of Product Management, Google

"Working with Kevin is not only fun but you get to experience how world class digital products are being built today. I would recommend Kevin to any company that requires top notch Design and Product development direction. Kevin brings professionalism, quality and efficient communication to every interaction. A total pleasure to work with him."

- President & Founder, Empirical LLC

"Kevin embodies leadership by example, inspiring trust and creating a culture of opportunity and vision. He sees the trajectory of design, technology and the Web. His insight, project management skills and problem-solving abilities open corridors to new solutions. Kevin’s experience and his humanity make him a first class organizational leader, designer and mentor to many."

- Design Manager, Google

"Kevin worked with the Google Fonts team for 8 months on all aspects of our product design on a refreshed catalog in early 2020. His keen eye for visual detail, his strong advocacy of the user, and his ability to quickly reflect on and integrate user experience research findings into his deliverables were all essential to our successful launch."

- Program Manager, Google Fonts

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